An inspirational team - founded on science, working together to succeed

At C4XD we are committed to recruiting, developing, retaining and rewarding highly motivated people who are talented, creative and focused on delivering excellence.

Fostering an inclusive culture

Encouraging diversity and inclusion is fundamental to the culture at C4XD. We aim to maintain a secure environment that enables us to attract and support highly talented people from all backgrounds.

Empowering flexible working

We proactively encourage flexible working for our staff, empowering them to deliver exceptional innovation without compromising on their personal goals.

Rewarding with compelling incentives

To motivate and reward our people, C4XD has built both a financial incentives package that enables employees to share in the Company’s financial success, and a professional development framework that promotes long-term career progression.

"C4X Discovery is that rare company where we get to work on cutting edge science and technology and see it translated into real world solutions. The potential to directly improve patient outcomes reaffirms our commitment and drives our passion for innovation."
Justyna Kozlowska
"At C4XD I get to work on a wide range of bioinformatics projects at the cutting edge of drug discovery, whilst having the freedom to explore new techniques and develop professionally. C4XD have a great balance of small company innovation with an experienced and diverse multidisciplinary team who are always supportive and willing to share their knowledge."
Neil Humphreys-Kirilov
"The combination of cutting edge molecule design technology and highly skilled, enthusiastic drughunters makes C4XD a stimulating place to work. The chance to combine these factors with my years of experience to push our exciting pipeline of novel immuno-inflammatory through to the clinic is extremely exciting."
Ian Linney
"I enjoy working at C4XD for a number of reasons, including the positive culture, the diversity and tenacity of the team which makes it very dynamic and for the ample opportunities to innovate, collaborate and challenge each other and yourself!"
Shilina Roman

Join us at the forefront of for immuno-inflammatory small molecule drug discovery and development.