Through our unique approach to Drug Discovery, combining our scientific expertise with cutting-edge technologies, we are discovering the next generation of small molecule drugs

The C4XD team - combining decades of Drug Discovery expertise

C4XD has a highly experienced scientific team with expertise across core areas of Drug Discovery. The depth and breadth of knowledge in our team enables us to create industry-leading small molecule programmes which meet critical unmet needs for the industry and patients.

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Our technologies - A highly valuable and differentiated platform

We have a highly valuable and differentiated approach to Drug Discovery through our enhanced candidate molecule design and patient stratification capabilities, generating small molecule drug candidates focused on immuno-inflammation.


Molecule design

Conformetrix enables rational, accelerated 4D structural drug design using experimental data rather than theoretical data. The information provided by Conformetrix provides C4XD’s medicinal chemists with new and unprecedented insights into the behaviour and physical properties of drug molecules to inform design choices. This has the potential to provide more accurate molecule design that is better suited for the intended therapeutic target.

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4D Molecule Visualiser

Working hand-in-hand with Conformetrix, C4XD is pioneering the creation of a specialised visualiser, 4Sight, to enable our scientists to “see” the shape and behaviour of molecules in a revolutionary new way, delivering unprecedented insights and fuelling innovation. Having measured these shapes using Conformetrix, this “4D molecular data” can be visualised and manipulated to inspire the design of drug molecules by allowing our chemists to virtually step inside and ”see” those drug molecules as they are being designed. 4Sight is becoming the central tool for conformational drug design within C4XD, enabling our chemists to make faster progress in developing new candidates that will lead to more effective drugs to meet the medical industry’s needs.

PatientSeek (powered by Taxonomy3 ®)

Understanding patient stratification in immuno-inflammatory disease

PatientSeek is a new platform which applies the unique mathematical approach of Taxonomy3® to stratify patients for novel treatments based on their genetics. C4XD has already identified PatientSeek subgroups in immuno-inflammatory disease and we are exploring their application in bringing precision medicine approaches to these patient populations. Understanding patient subgroups in complex disease has the potential to inform clinical trial design, better select patients for their likelihood to be responders to specific therapeutics, and help enable development of companion diagnostics.